Our history

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Rocky Mountain Reagents, Inc., formerly S & K Reagents, has been in business in the Denver area for over 50 years. S & K Reagents was founded in 1951 by Ewald Schug and George Kaufman. The partnership was short lived, and Mr. Schug bought out Mr. Kaufman’s interest in the company. Ewald Schug was the first (and only) Medical Technologist to graduate in 1941 from the new Medical Technologist Program offered by Presbyterian Medical Center. He developed the company to meet the needs of Hospitals, Clinics, and Physician laboratories in the Denver area. The products manufactured by S & K Reagents included: culture media, biological stains, and chemistry solutions for clinical laboratories. Ewald hand delivered the products that he made in his basement daily. In the mid 1960's, the business was moved to a 585 square foot space in the Historic Washington Park area of Denver.

Phyllis Sordelet purchased S & K Reagents in January, 1988. The company remained in Washington Park with its eclectic host of neighbors. Most customers were met by the company dog, Gracie, who liked to lie outside the front door. Later, RMR acquired another space in the same block to accommodate the expanded product line which included titration reagents, indicators, chemical test solutions for industrial applications, and custom reagent manufacturing.

The name was changed to Rocky Mountain Reagents (RMR) in October, 1996, as the company expanded its services.

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Our mission

Rocky Mountain Reagents is a small, privately held company whose purpose is to provide a diverse line of high quality products at an economical price and in a timely manner. As the manufacturer, we are in a position to meet the special needs of our customers. Our creative staff and the ability to be flexible are our greatest assets. Establishing and maintaining responsible, long-term relationships with our customers is extremely important to us. 



Customer Service

Rocky Mountain Reagents, Inc. believes customer service is the foundation of our business. Providing products and services in a friendly, fast, and reliable manner is the forefront of our operations.


Superior Products

We at Rocky Mountain Reagents take great pride in offering a wide variety of products, whether manufactured in-house or distributed by vendors who have been through a rigorous vetting process to ensure sufficient quality goods. 


Technical Support

Our technical staff is available to answer questions about our products every day. We have specification information, certificates of analysis, and safety data sheets (SDS) available. If we don’t know the answer, we will work to find the answer for you.