HBX Platinum 5L Benchtop Package

Complete 5L Rotary Evaporator System

What is the difference between Heidolph’s GREEN & PLATINUM Packages?Vacuum Control. The PLATINUM Package features the Vario Tec vacuum pump which controls vacuum by varying pumping speeds. This tighter tolerance in vacuum control produces faster distillation over other Heidolph 5 Liter models. Also, the Vario Tec vacuum pump is quieter than the Valve Tec vacuum pump found on the Heidolph GREEN Package rotary evaporator. This leads to less babysitting and more efficient recovery. The PLATINUM Package offers the RPM regulated vacuum pump has a variable speed motor, automatically adjusting the vacuum pump speed without a vacuum valve. The RPM Regulated pump can come to a complete stop when the required level of vacuum is achieved.  Vacuum control allows for “walk away” distillation, rather than having a dedicated person controlling the vacuum
Item # CKS4904

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Manufacturer Part Number 036400011

Heidolph 5 Liter PLATINUM Package Includes:
Heating Bath & Control Base – Hei-VAP Ultimate
Vacuum Pump – Vario Tec
Chiller – Hei-Chill 600
Vertical Condenser Glassware – G3B XL
5L Evaporation Flask
3L Receiving Flask
Vapor Tube
Patented Easy-Clip” Glass Flask Clamp
Vapor Temp Sensor with Patented Clamping Sleeve
Tube Set