MEG concentrate

-45... 90 °C

Heat transfer fluid with frost and corrosion protection characteristics for use in technical heating and cooling systems. As basis for the freezing protection, Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) is used, which due to its very high boiling point minimizes loss through evaporation.
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Item # CKS7905

Manufacturer Part Number 6170
Additional Information

Our pure monoethylene glycol contains corrosion inhibitors. The minimum mixing ratio for sufficient corrosion protection is 20 % MEG. This
corresponds to an application temperature of up to -10 °C. The mixing
ratio should not exceed 50 % MEG (viscosity). This corresponds to a pour
point temperature of approx. -37 °C.
Exceptions to this are temperature control units specially suited for
higher mixing ratios, such as: our Unimotive series. With these, mixing
ratios of up to 60 % MEG can be used

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