SilOil, M60.1115/200.05


SilOil M60.115/200.05 is a low-viscosity silicone fluid which, as a result of its special property profile, is particularly suitable for use as a cold and heat transfer medium in cryostats, thermostats and heat transfer installations.
Item # CKS7904

Manufacturer Part Number 6166
Additional Information

SilOil M60.115/200.05 can be used in the range from -60 °C to 115 °C (for open systems) and to 200 °C in externally sealed systems (Unistats). It should be borne in mind that, at high temperatures, SilOil M60.115/200.05 can be chemically altered by oxidizing media, such as
air, or substances with a catalytic effect, such as acids, lyes, and various
metal compounds. An increase in viscosity, and possibly even gelling of
the fluid owing to crosslinking reactions, must be expected in the presence of oxidizing agents, while contact with products having a catalytic effect usually induces a process of depolymerization, resulting in a drop in viscosity.