Custom Manufacturing

In addition to the products listed in this catalog, Rocky Mountain Reagents provides a number of services to our customers that larger companies simply can’t.

RMR is an OEM manufacturer that produces custom product lines for several companies. Custom projects vary from custom labeling current inventory to custom product development including formulation, packaging and labeling. We don’t require minimums for our custom manufacturing. We can start small and expand production as demand increases.  


To obtain a quote or talk to us about your specific chemical needs 

please give us a call at (303)762-0800 to speak to someone today. 


Rocky Mountain Reagents has been in business since 1951. In that time, we have maintained numerous relationships in this industry that we can use to assist you in sourcing your chemical needs. We have contacts in the analytical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and technical grade chemical markets to ensure the best possible price for you. We can coordinate delivery of products for a particular project from numerous vendors so you don’t have to. We can stock items you may use frequently to save on the ever growing expense of shipping. Please call us to see if we can help you with your specific needs.  

Services Available:  
Source Chemicals  
Custom Blending 
Custom Formulation  
Lot Traceability 
Private Labeling with Your Labels 
Private Labeling with Our Labels 
Assistance with Product Development 
Assistance with Optimal Package Selection  
MSDS Creation for Your Custom Product 
- Plus, Much More!