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Forensic Chemistry for Crime Scene Investigations

Pioneer Forensics Chemical Products has developed over the past 20 years combining the best forensics scientists and the 70 years of chemical knowledge from Rocky Mountain Reagents. We strive to make the highest quality, reliable and completely traceable products in the market. Our unique products were developed to be used at the scene or in the lab and have been subsequently utilized by investigators worldwide and in international, federal, state, local training, and investigative agencies for more than a two decades.

Premixed Finger Print Processing Chemistry for the Laboratory

We recognized a need in the industry for shelf stable premixed chemistry to eliminate mistakes in the lab or help smaller labs have access to the same technology as the larger labs at reasonable prices. All our forensic products have gone through rigorous testing and sampling with batch certification. Our products are produced in with the highest-grade chemistry and packaged to ensure shelf stability 
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Premixed Field Kits for On Scene Collection

Through years of research, Rocky Mountain Reagents and Pioneer Forensics developed a line of products to be used in the field and have been tested for stability in various environments including temperature. These products can be easily be prepared in the field with premeasured components to give you the freshest chemistry while in the field to ensure accuracy for collection 
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Forensic Raw Chemistry

Pioneer Forensics provides the highest quality raw materials including the specialized stains designed specifically for forensic investigations. These products are the same products recommended by federal agencies across the country. We test all raw materials upon arrival to validate their effectiveness and can provide complete lot traceability
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