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710 Spirits®

95% Ethanol with 5% n-Heptane

High Purity Extraction Grade, Completely Denatured Ethanol, 94.76 - 95.72% v/v Ethanol and 4.28 - 5.24% v/v n-Heptane.
Item # E1026
Material Grade


Available Size(s)

250gal, 55gal, 1gal, 5gal

Packaging Type

Metal Drum, Metal Pail, Poly Gallon, Poly Tote

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Additional Information

710 Spirits®

Key Factors:
710SPIRITS® is not for personal use. Home tinctures and RSO’s are not recommended with this product.
Extraction using 710SPIRITS® must be processed using commercial equipment where residual solvent testing is required.
710SPIRITS® is made from Food Grade, USP, ACS Grade Ethanol and >99% high purity n-Heptane.
Your extraction process MUST bring oil to 98°C to remove ALL residual solvent from end product.

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