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Centrifuge, Micro, High Speed, 24-Place

Centrifuge, Micro, High Speed
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The GCM-24 is a powerful, feature-rich microcentrifuge at an affordable cost. It is easily programmable through a combination of LCD display, control buttons and parameter adjustment knob. The GCM-24 is compatible with numerous biological, chemistry, clinical and research applications including molecular biology, blood labs, DNA protocols and many more.

Standard features include a high strength 24 place 1.5 / 2.0mL aluminum alloy rotor with biosafety aerosol containment lid (all of which can be fully autoclaved). Multi-flow air cooling ensures your temperature sensitive samples are safe. The GCM-24 features pulse operation for quick spins, a unique temperature monitor and much more.

Reliable and intuitive LCD display
Temperature monitoring for handling of critical samples sensitive to fluctuations
Quiet operation
Maintenance-free brushless DC motor
Fully autoclavable 1.5 / 2.0mL aluminum rotor with aerosol lid included as standard
Includes pulse operation (quick spin)