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Combination PCR Workstations

Combination PCR Workstations
Combination PCR Workstations
Item # 63100
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24in, 24in Cart, 32in, 32in Cart, 48in, 48in Cart


Additional Information

Mystaire® MY‑PCR prep stations are compact laminar flow enclosures that reduce the risk of sample contamination while performing polymerase chain reaction experiments. Benefits
Class 100 vertical laminar flow air
15-Minute UV light timer
Clear polycarbonate construction with chemically impervious polypropylene work surface
UV shelf with integrated pipette holder
Electrical cord pass-through port
Sash position switch and overlap to prevent UV light exposure

Airborne contaminants are prevented from entering into the work zone through constant positive pressure HEPA filtered air. Each PCR prep station is equipped with a built-in 254 nanometer shortwave lamp to effectively decontaminate the work area between amplifications. Safety interlocks are included on all PCR prep stations to prevent operator exposure to potentially harmful UV radiation.

MY‑PCR prep stations are bench‑top personal clean zones allowing the operator to amplify RNA and DNA while minimizing the potential for background

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