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ISO 5 Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation

ISO 5 Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation
Item # 63101
Available Size(s)

24in, 24in Cart, 32in, 32in Cart, 32in Tall, 48in, 48in Cart, 48in Tall


Additional Information

The MY-ISO 5 Series of Laminar Flow Cabinets provide an ISO 5 sterile environment for the handling of sensitive materials. The work area is continuously bathed with ISO 5 HEPA-filtered air to protect the product or application from airborne contamination. These workstations are constructed of high quality, thermal plastics to provide for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The main chamber is constructed of polycarbonate and the base is high density polypropylene. A major advantage of polypropylene is the fact that it is non-hydroscopic, non-stick and does not breakdown when exposed to harsh hard-surface disinfectants.

For applications or apparatus that have added height requirements the MY-ISO 5 series of vertical laminar flow workstation are available in a tall version. The taller versions are ideal for enclosing encapsulation machines used in compounding pharmacy applications.

The MY-ISO 5 Series of Vertical Laminar Flow Workstations are easy to operate. The full closure sash is equ