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Syringe Filters, Non-Sterile, PTFE, 100/box

Non-sterile Diamond® PureFlow™ syringe filters are perfect for use in a wide range of filtration and sample applications where sterility is not needed. Non-sterile filters are used in analytical chemistry for sample preperation, HPLC operations, and protecting analytical equipment from particle contamination.
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Bulk packaged with filter membrane type and membrane porosity printed on each filter.
Polypropylene microfiber pre-filter layer to improve filtration of particulate-laden fluids.
Performance – High flow rates and low absorption membranes for minimal sample loss.
Simplicity – Color coded outer ring allows easy identification of membrane and filter media type. Each unit is clearly marked with an identifying code to denote pore size and membrane material.
Strength – Bonded outer ring on housing provides strength under higher working pressures for high performance needs
Efficiency – Integral polypropylene pre-filter for high flow rates and fast filtration
Quality – Manufacturing process certified to ISO 9001 standards